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Equipment Sharing

Over 20,000 people have accessed the Cambridge Equipment Database.

Have you?

Are you a student or member of staff with a project proposal?

Are you seeking funding, further expertise, or training on equipment?

Where do you go if you require replacement equipment at short notice?


The Equipment Sharing Project is Cambridge’s global initiative to raise awareness of equipment sharing and drive efficiencies by maximising the opportunity for national and international collaboration. The project evidences our commitment to share equipment; a factor that is under increasing scrutiny when funders are considering grant applications and proposals.

As a Cambridge member of Staff, PhD, MRes, or MPhil research student, you will have access to the Equipment Sharing Database via your university log-in. This can be useful if you are searching for particular or specific equipment to work with, or if you need to find replacement equipment at short notice. To widen collaboration and maximise opportunities to share, over 4500 items from Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial, UCL, and Southampton can be accessed.

Alternatively, for those external to the University, a vast amount of records from the Cambridge Database are openly available via the National Equipment Portal.

For more information, please contact the equipment sharing project manager